Tailor made greenscreen content

COVID changed a lot of things for us. But it also opened up a way for us to pivot how we do things and get things done.

Trend Micro came to us and asked us to replicate a video campaign like one they saw online that one of their competitors released. After working on the script, tailoring it to their needs and requirements, we made it happen.

As it was in the middle of COVID restrictions, we managed to follow all of the protocols and created the content exactly how they wanted.

By utilising a green screen, we could position the presenter in ways that can allow for the use of extra visual content.

Trend Micro green screen video production with Maviel Andonova

Having a green screen gives us the ability to reposition the presenter into a position where we can take advantage of extra visual content.

By doing this, we were able to use more visuals and create something that suited the client’s needs.

We ended up creating 1 minute 30 seconds video for their customers in next to no time. It’s just one example but it shows how we pivoted despite the impact COVID has on our work and workflow.

If you are looking for a similar approach or have a few questions, feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to help you out.

Trend Micro green screen video production with Maviel Andonova