An Online Web Series For Veterans

Creating the Life After Service series has been an absolute ride.

From building upon the Life On The Line brand, we are expanding our content reach and sharing amazing stories in more ways than before.

It's giving even more people the chance to engage and hear from the perspectives and events from people who saw it first hand.

From World War II to modern-day conflicts and everything in-between, 'Life On The Line' has been bringing you the stories from veterans far and wide that have done their part for their friends, family and nation.

Covering their reasons to join, who they are behind the uniform and focus on their time in service.

Life After Service is a special series where we focus on their lives after the military and how they adapted to civilian life.

A new episode with a different veteran is released on the second-last Tuesday of every month.

LAS Tony Park Bestselling author interview

Since our inception we have seen how the use of social media can encourage and engage audiences. Getting their opinions, growing our audience base and connecting with both more veterans and a wider audience. It’s growing the engagement we have and showcasing our brand and what it has to offer.

The Life On The Line Podcast series was bigger than we had initially planned for ourselves, but we are grateful to the veterans who took part in it and allowed us to share their stories with listeners from all around the world.

It’s a huge task but we’ve got the group of people we have to achieve it. We have great team members and advisers who have helped us from the get-go and undoubtedly helped us reach where we are today.

As for Life After Service, it’s been a ride to say the least but one that we’ve been able to share with our audience and gain feedback from them about how best to use it as a promotional tool for the brand.