Utilising a Brand Video Testimonial

Uniden was looking to create a testimonial video talking about their security camera range. In particular, the App Cam Solo+ and the App Cam Solo PT paired up with their solar panels. The purpose of the video was for Uniden's social channels and website to showcase how easy it is to stay connected outdoors while staying secure.

The goal of this project was to have professional quality footage shot quickly and efficiently while also utilizing natural lighting with minimal equipment needed. To accomplish this, we shot the video at the home of one of the brand's users (Ben Fordham), where they had all the equipment set up around their home.

Video testimonials are a great way to convey and share a customer's experience with a brand or business. Having testimonials like this for a security camera will be a great way to build brand loyalty and bring in new customers.

The focus of the security system from Uniden is that you can monitor anything from your home or office with complete ease. You also can record with all of the cameras simultaneously.

Adding to the user experience was the feature of the solar panels that deliver non stop power to the cameras. They could charge and power up the cameras during the day so that they would never be without power.