CES 2020 vs 2021

Adaptation in media

COVID changed a lot of things around the world. One of them being travel, the other, how we engage with content.

CES 2020 was the final trip for us before COVID became a pandemic.

Travelling under CBN Media, we were producing content packages, conducting interviews, scripting, shooting, editing and running a live show throughout the same trip.

Somehow we managed to keep on top of everything and meet all deadlines - double that of the previous year's.

For 2021, CES had become a completely virtual event. Interviews and presentations changed, and we adapted with the change by utilising our live streaming capability again and conducting interviews over the internet.

We still managed to create the content we needed for the TV show CyberShack, but the vision was shot in a mixture of locations from PR offices as well as sourced from the clients.