What Is Video Marketing And Why Is It Good For Your Business?

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Today, the conventional forms of marketing have stopped working as effectively as in previous years. There’s no denying that the use of the latest video marketing is currently on the trend. As per current stats, approximately 63% of businesses have just started using video content marketing. They think of this option as an integral part of their business strategy.

Digital marketing agencies are on a large scale are implementing video marketing strategies. They now realize that they can easily evaluate their marketing strategy simply by incorporating more visuals or video-based content.

With the help of viral, creative videos, a business can now effortlessly communicate important brand messages about services and products to customers conveniently. You can find a lot of data showing the effectiveness of video content in reaching the target audience.

So if you have been ignoring video marketing, or considering it as a side option, then it’s time to boost your sales.

The best thing about developing a video marketing plan is you can make it easy for your viewers to get exposed to the brand information you may have been trying to communicate.

Undoubtedly, video marketing has turned into a brilliant approach in an array of online marketing. Whether it’s a small business or a big one, everyone is trying to incorporate proven video marketing strategies for branding themselves over multiple digital platforms.

Businesses have experienced unexpectedly excellent outcomes and an amazing success rate of incorporating videos in their marketing plan. Now even firms and marketers agree that video content is perfectly yielding both user engagement & ROI.

Here are some stats by Renderforest Survey, defining the importance of video marketing:

  • 78% of businesses achieved more and better traffic to their site.
  • 71% of users experienced a great increase in the average time spent on their website.
  • 69% of businesses get the amazing benefit of generating more leads than ever since.
  • 54% of online businesses have experienced a big hike in their sales.

All these stats are showing the importance of video marketing for your business. This article will explain what video marketing is and try to unfold the concept, benefits, and great video marketing strategy to help you in business. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Video Marketing?

It’s an effective online marketing technique to help promote your brand, services, or products. Engaging videos convey the right intended message to the target audience. It gives your customers a visual opportunity to understand more about your company.

This way, they can better engage with it before making a purchase. The overall aim of video marketing is to increase good customer engagement. It also helps to close a perfect number of sales.

If you closely look at the content marketing concept, we get to know it’s not new. It has been there for centuries in the form of TV commercials. Just think about those TV ads! What are they and meant for? Through those flashing ads, businesses advertise their services and products. This helps to attract an audience and force the potential buyer to purchase, even for once.

We would all greatly agree that TV commercials actually have a big influence on us to purchase compared to radio or newspaper ads.

Why Do People Prefer Video Content?

The answer is simple! Our human brain undertakes visuals super easily as compare to any other form. Scientific research has proven that the human brain acknowledges visuals without any struggle. As per stats, 90% of information transmitted to a brain is through visual content.

For instance, you can recall a movie you had watched 3-4 years back, but it seems challenging to call back the information or data you have read in the paper this morning. Is it so? Well, definitely!

Pro Tip: Incorporating videos regarding your products or services would be memorable for your customer to remember and recall your brand much often.

Why is Video Marketing So Important?

Video production companies nowadays can better handle the increasing demand for video content. They perfectly understand the importance of shooting quick videos. Those videos are still informative and drive sales. But what do you think, why is it so important? Let’s find out.

  • Video Attracts Attention

Capturing user’s attention is everything. It could be easy and hard at the same time. But video can help you. Creating compelling video content work more than anything else. The first few seconds of a product video can stop users, scroll, and focus. You can create fun photos and videos, as it helps to hold 5 times more than still photos.

  • Boosts Sales

Around 90% of online users claim product videos help to make quick purchasing decisions. When a customer sees a product’s working through videos, there are 100% chances that they will buy it. Video is beneficial in keeping the audience engaged for a long. This is the best solution for those users who don’t like reading the descriptions.

  • Improves Conversion

A website without effective and engaging videos has an average rate of 2.9%. Those websites with videos vary on good conversion rates with an outstanding figure of around 4.8%.  With that, 65-84% of purchasers tend to make an online purchase after watching a demo product video.

  • Attracts New Customers

Videos work magic when it comes to attracting new customers. You can professionally shoot videos for advertisements. This way, you can post it on multiple social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

With their advanced features, you can allow the audience to reach you through ads. You can also control your budget to ensure your videos are showing to a specific audience.

  • Video Builds Trust

Marketing is all about relationships and trust. You can’t have a loyal customer base if they don’t trust your brand. With a large customer base, you can depend on them for further advertisement. They can recommend your products or services to others. Video content works well for building trust.

It does so by engaging users targeting their emotions in a video. You can define their story in your video and provide a better solution to the problem. Videos attract more than still photos. The product videos allow you to explain a story that excites people about your brand simply.

YouTube is the highlighted option when it comes to promotional videos. Video marketing reaches customers faster than you think. This platform foster trust among your viewers.

So if you think your brand has a unique vibe and can do effective video marketing, you can showcase products in a more conversational and friendly way. You can do this without being too much loud-mouthed.

Nowadays, it’s not easy to gain customers’ trust. They are way smarter than you think. Online users tend to feel as they are victims of fraud when it’s about trusting an ad. But it’s all up to you. The way you run your campaign can help you. So your target should be to reach your right audience through the right strategy.

  • Google Prefers Video Content

Video content encourages people to spend more time on the website. This shows Google that your website is doing great and have engaging content.  As we know, Google owns YouTube, and so there’s a great increase in how videos affect rankings on Google engines.

By simply optimizing your product video, you can help Google find you. You can use descriptive titles and unique descriptions for products.

  • Demand Is Increasing

With every passing day, the demand for video content is increasing. Nowadays, it’s not limited to TV or films. You can find them everywhere. Influencers, too, are toward improving video content to attract followers and meet their demands.

  • Video Explains Better

Through video, you can show launching a new product. By showing something to users, you attract their attention. They get better at understanding a product. Video helps in knowing how a product works and help people making a purchase.

You can define complex concepts more easily through videos. Through animations, you can bring the product concept to life. Imaginative and attractive visuals work like fuel.

  • Encourages People To Share

Videos encourage people to share, as social media networks are more equipped. Those platforms implement advanced technologies, allowing people to share content seamlessly. For instance, Facebook Live Video, Instagram Stories, etc., these platforms are continuously evolving. Those options encourage users to share product videos with their friends.

What’s the takeaway?

Video marketing is not going anywhere. It’ll change forms, formats and delivery methods, but it is here to stay. If you want to reach your targeted audience, then there must be a marketing strategy in place. As more and more businesses are going digital, it’ll be hard to stay standing without proper planning and the right approach.

If you have not started or thought of getting started with video, then go with it. It’s the right time to incorporate proper video marketing as one of the best techniques to promote your brand online. So wait no more!