11 Benefits of Creating Video Content for Businesses

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With the insanely growing dependency of people on the internet, being visible in the online world has become a necessity. Still, many people ask why do their businesses need video marketing? From increasing traffic to generating leads, video content marketing offers multiple benefits. 

Being a business, you need various essential features to thrive, including visionary leadership, exceptional services, compelling offers, and many more. And every business knows these characteristics, which creates are rather noisy marketing place. So, what would be your strategy to make your brand visible in such a chaotic space? Well, you can get the required visibility and recognition if your brand has a story to tell.

Stories created for the branding purpose elicit emotions and thus influence the viewers. They assist in building absolute sense out of a complex situation. If your story is good enough, you can communicate the whole character of the brand in no time. Also, powerful stories can be persuasive. By creating a story to communicate your brand image, you are actually building trust between the brand and the client base.

But Why Choose Video Marketing?

Yes, we know we have to create great content to win people’s interest in our brand. But the question is why there is so much hype about video marketing? Why is it considered a critical part of your marketing?

Well, video marketing offers you the deliver the viewers highly measurable, snack-sized content which is memorable. What the audience craves the most the engaging pieces of information that are short but meaningful. So the video content makes the perfect cut to engage the audience!

Not only the audience but video contents are an ideal choice for the creators as well. They are great for delivering complex concepts, sharing the clients’ stories, and inducing the marketing actions like trials, demos, and subscriptions.

Although video content has the excellent power to convert leads but for data-driven marketers, it is a precious asset as well. As compared to the other marketing content, you can actually track the customer engagement with the videos in a much meaningful manner.

Based on the content engagement analytics, you can track the performance of your marketing efforts. By connecting your videos with the deals you are trying to influence, you can analyze what products are actually resonating with the effort.

Marketing analytics is crucial to understand which leads are more engaging and offer value for the marketing strategies.

Keeping in mind the video marketing statistics, it has proved to be a highly engaging medium that benefits the business in spreading its message across the B2B and B2C spectrum. We have enlisted some of the benefits associated with the creation of video content. So if you are a business looking to expand its customer base, you can choose video content as a gateway to success.

01. Video Content Can Help Grow Your Revenue:

According to the research conducted by Aberdeen Group, the businesses that opt for video creation for marketing tend to grow their revenues 49% faster than others. Gaining the right audience for your videos will drastically improve viewers’ connection between your leading brand and the intended message you want to provide in the video. That’s why it’s necessary to create a clear, relevant story that highlights your business’s most attractive attributes.

02. Content Can Have Influential Power:

Video content has the power to induce buying decisions. A report published in Forbes indicates about 90% of the clients admit that they get influenced by video marketing to buy a particular product.

According to Animoto, 64% of viewers acknowledge that watching a product-related video convinces them to purchase the product. Also, about 97% of the marketers admit that attaching the video with the product helps understand the product or services more conveniently. 

03. Video is great for delivering information and building a relationship:

As compared to emails, social images, newsletters, blog posts, and social videos, people prefer video content. The data from HubSpot reveals that clients tend to relate with the product and video content that helps them. While considering purchasing any product or service, people tend to research the available options using various methods.

They choose the search engine, visit the company’s official website, visit the review websites and watch videos of the products. If you incorporate your content video in any of the resource mentioned above, it will give you brand a better chance to convince the customer into buying that product. 

04. Video content can help your Search Rankings:

The whole purpose of online marketing is to get the required visibility by ranking high in the search results. With video creation, you can improve website rankings. The amount of time a person spends on a website impacts your visibility and search appearance on the search engines.

Have you heard of the Dwell time, which is a crucial Google factor for ranking? The video content enhances dwell time and thus offers the business more visibility. According to the report by Mist Media, about 88% of the users spend more time on the sites that provide video content. Plus, websites containing video content have a dwell time of 2 minutes extra compared to the others.

So the video content has the excellent power to enhance the dwell time. Thus the websites that offer a healthy amount of video content are more likely to rank high in the Google search results. According to Forrester, it could increase 53 times higher if the marketing has been done correctly.

Also, the reports published by Search Metrics, almost 55% of the US keywords search, contain at least one video. So, along with increasing the dwell time, the video content also helps in ranking your website higher in the Google search results, thus making you a more likable click.

05. Content Can See Increased Traffic To Your Website:

The Aberdeen Group statistically reveals that using video content enhanced almost 41% of the web traffic compared to no video content. Internet users prefer to search for videos rather than blog posts and images.

In its search results, Moz reveals that embedding the video in your post or page will increase the linking domains, thus increasing your backlinks. 

07. Short Digital Content Is Great For Mobile Users:

Undoubtedly, the increasing number of people watching promotional videos on mobile devices continues its upward climb. According to stats, around 88% of short videos of 30 seconds are easily watched on mobiles by users. This is far more than the ratio of people who view ads on the computer.

08. Increase Conversion Rates With Video Content:

According to the report published by EyeView Digital, by watching videos, users are most likely to convert into clients. If you add video content to your marketing strategy, it has the potential to motivate the viewers to purchase.

09. Connect With The Decision-Makers With Video:

Most of the executives watch the videos related to work every week that increases the chances of getting more customers. According to a report on HighQ, 59% of executives admit that if the video or text is available, they prefer to watch the video. 

Plus, according to HubSpot, 72% of customers admit that they would prefer a video to learn about a service or product.

10. Email Subject: “Video”:

Email marketing offers a more personal approach to brand recognition. But what if we tell you that email marketing is now depending on video marketing for success. If the email has the word “video” in the subject line, the chances of opening that mail opens up to 19%. The click-through rates increase to a whopping 65%, and the un-subscription reduces to 26%. 

According to the MarTech Advisor, if a business adds a video to the email, it boosts the click rates by 300%.

Video content marketing offers a boost for other forms of marketing as well. Merge the two, and the results are going to surprise you.

11. Build Up Your Content Shares:

The online world revolves around sharing. The more the shares, the higher the visibility. Small Business Trends conducted a survey, and the results reveal that video content generates more than 1200% shares compared to images or text combine. So if your business is thinking about creating entertainment content, almost 83% of the people admit that they will definitely share that content with their friends and family.

In summary

Creating video content gives you the power to get one step ahead in the competition. For Small to medium businesses, video marketing offers great opportunities to capture the audience’s attention and to generate higher conversions.

For big companies, video marketing opens the gate to success with audience connection, brand recognition, and customer engagement. This is everything you may need to know about its benefits. So what do you think?

Are you ready to tap the magical world of video creation to boost your business profits?