Video content takes some up-front investment in equipment and editing software, but it can help increase brand awareness, boost customer conversions and enhance customer engagement. It also provides a unique opportunity to tell a story visually with the potential for more complex messaging than your average blog post. Video is an increasingly popular way to share information about your company or organisation with customers and prospects.

TECI is a Sydney Based Video Production Agency that is all about helping brands and businesses educate and entertain their audiences.

By working with us, our clients are able to tap into a highly skilled and experienced creative team that can bring your ideas to life with no compromise on quality. Our Sydney-based team understands our clients' unique needs and is dedicated to producing high-quality video content to get your message across.

Who we are

We thrive on producing unique and engaging video content. We are passionate about helping our clients produce videos that demonstrate their brand, product or service in an engaging, effective and creative way.

What we do

With a philosophy of understanding the needs of our clients, we work with them to ensure that every video produced by us is a unique piece of content that delivers real results through effective storytelling.

Thomas Kaye, Director of TECI
Who are we

Director - Thomas Kaye

Director of TECI, Thomas Kaye, has spent his career working with a vast array of clients and companies in the media. Every brand and business has a story, but what generally lacks is the conveyance of value or the delivery in a format that the audience can understand it in. From dropping the jargon, to keeping it simple and speaking plainly, it’s the most effective way he’s found of creating engaging content.

From cutting his teeth as a producer within the Today Show, his willingness to learn and push for the very best enabled him to manage and produce complex high-pressure segments (live on-air), stunts and packages that others hadn’t done before.

Since leaving the Today Show, Thomas has been the series producer for CyberShack - Australia’s only television program dedicated entirely to the consumer technology and home entertainment market. While in this role and contracted to work under the CBNMedia banner, he has produced video content for a variety of tech companies from the likes of Samsung and LG, through to Belkin and Arlo.